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Church Roof and Spire Inspections - No ladders, no cherry pickers, no scaffolding - safer, easier and lower cost for your mission.

Your PCC or appointed Quinquennial Inspector may recommend or request the use of Drones / UAV's to get the most difficult to reach aspects of the QI completed, and this is where MastaCam can help.

Drones (or UAV's) can see places that are hidden or extremely difficult to see without scrambling on the roof, and make a significant contribution to the QI without the need for ladders, or expensive access equipment, providing high resolution images and video for both outside and inside the church buildings, and will form an important part of the photographic (or video) evidence for the QI.

In addition these high resolution images will help the PCC and Quinquennial Inspector or Architect when tendering for and briefing constructors for remedial or maintenance work to be completed, and result in a more accurate quote during the tender phase.

These images can then form part of the Church's main report and logged for future reference and to monitor change over time.

Of course you don't need to wait for the QI! As part of your annual check or  inspecting any specific element of the building e.g. gutters, this can be a quick and safe job, and will help you keep on top of the maintenance programme for your buildings.

We will conduct the necessary pre-flight safety surveys, check airspace restrictions and ensure neighbours are notified of the proposed flight before we even spin a rotor!

And of course we are extremely mindful of the environment and location, and work hard to keep noise and any disturbance to an absolute minimum.

Quinquennial Inspections by Drone: Service
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